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Relaxing at the beach by Sharaiza Relaxing at the beach by Sharaiza
This is a bonus picture for Gentle Giants Summer Barbecue Bonanza contest: [link]

Host: ~GentleGiantsRanch

Name of Dog: DBK's On A Silent Snowflake
Call Name: Lurani
Age of Dog: 2 years
Gender of Dog: Female
Breed of Dog: Siberian Husky

Handler: Becca Bianchi
Class Entered: None - Extra picture


Takes place after this and this


(Sorry if there is any mistake, Eglish is not my first language)

After the tension of her first show, Becca needed to relax a bit. It was a beatiful evening and in the sky the stars were visible already. She didn't know why but she wanted to go to the beach, unlike her brother she loved the sea, its smell and the sound of the waves always managed to relax her.
It was also the place where the conformation competition had been held...
She silently left her room and headed toward the kennels. Usually she would have searched for Rua, but the pup was tired and waking him up and bringing him with her would have only excited him and God know whatelse...
As she stopped right in front of the kennel two blacks eyes like the darkest night watched her. You could get lost in the depths of those beatiful eyes. She remenber that she really didn't like Lurani at first...Just two monts earlier she came to DBK and she even feared dogs however Rua and his daddy with their sweetness made her change her mind about that, but Lurani... That dog was kind of cold and Becca took it as a personal insult... She really didn't feel accepted by Lurani and that was the reason why, for weeks, she avoided her.
Maybe her biggest fault, since ,as she got to know Lurani better, she realized what wonderful dog she was.
From that point on they became inseparable.
"Hi, Lu" she whipered.
The dog got up and came near to her master.
"wanna run?" Becca asked.


Once at the beach, Becca unleashed Lurani that started to run like a crazy. Huskies loved to run and Becca every time she watched them couldn't avoid to feel surprised and enchanted by their endless energy and dedition.
She took off her shoes to feel the sand beneath her feet and slowly walked toward the shore. The waves sound was like a lullaby and she finally sat down. She really was enjoying that unexpected trip.
After a while Lurani joined her.
"How about going back to sleep Lu?" She said to the dog while stroking her.

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Lurani, Becca and Art ~*Sharaiza
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runningfreely Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2012  Hobbyist
Bello, e rilassante :) Mi piace tantissimo l'effetto della luce!
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Che incantevole atmosfera :love:
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Aquene-lupetta Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
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