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November 24, 2013
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The pack - Stray city by Sharaiza The pack - Stray city by Sharaiza

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.:Stranger:. by mimmiley

Want to start from the beginning of the story? -> go here Found something at least by Sharaiza

So that was the feeling of having a home again, uh? It felt... Strange. Just that morning he was his usual homeless self. Pff you can stay months and months without a refuge, food and company and all of sudden you have it all - again -. Life really took a liking at giving and taking back everything he had he even lost the count but he knew for sure that faith, hope or whatever was forbitten to him. How you can be sure of something when more than once your entire life went to pieces? He was getting paranoic again. This is your way to hell Sialuk or maybe you're already there. Hell or paradise? He suddenly realised that it had stopped snowing:  That was heaven then. Only the biting cold was there to remind him that he was nearly starving and freezing over…

    -          So what do you think of Kyoto? Isn’t she awesome? The best alpha around here and you still have to meet the others! Fury is ok really. Great guy! And Santiago, Madison and everyone- She turned back as he wasn’t giving any sign of listening to her – Sialuk? Mister? Heey…

    -          W-what?

    -          Are you listening?

    -          … Forgive me miss, I was dreaming of a succulent turkey

    -          …Ohhh right… I forgot to ask Kyoto that meal…I am so sorry

    -          Nah, it’s ok. I dream turkeys and chickens everyday xD

    -          No, really maybe we could…

    -          Never mind lady, duties always come first – He smiled at her, she was funny and reminded him of a cute puppy

As he kept on staring at her she backed off a bit out of embarrassment and a bit of fear too…

    -          How old are you by the way? – he asked

    -          What?

    -          You seems very young..

    -          I am not that young

    -          Haha chill out pup… Let me guess: 1 year and 8 months?

Looking at him confused and quite irritated – 2 years and half old boy

    -          I am not that old

    -          chill out oldie… Let me guess: 10 year and 8 months?

    -          Ok,ok you win ;)

    -          … You are a weird guy

    -          You flatter me my lady

They kept on laughing while on their way to the german shepherd they were searching for till the point Lisha sat down in the snow apparently in the middle of nowhere

    -          here we are, this is his smell...

    -          Then shouldn’t we keep on searching… we’ll find him sooner

    -          No need too, I am sure he has  already sniffed your scent and if I know him, and I do, he’ll be here in no time

    -          Something tells me that without you by my side it wouldn’t have been a pleasant encounter..

    -          It sure wouldn’t have been…

Just as she aforesaid a shadow appeared in the cold mist and started approaching fast. As soon as the dog, Fury without a doubt, recognized Lisha he stopped watching the two carefully then, more slowly, started to come towards them with suspicious manners. He was bigger than Sialuk and had a greyish fur.

    -          Good evening Fury – greated him Lisha – We have been sent by Kyoto as she needs to talk to you and I wanted to present you Sialuk, our new pack member… Sialuk, fury, fury Sialuk

    -          Good evening – said Sialuk, trying to be reassuring and calling upon all his experience in getting to know other dogs without irritating or upsetting them – Nice to  meet you-

    -          That is to be proved, newbie – spoke the shepherd with a deep voice  and acting as he was made of glass, focused his attention on Lisha – Kyoto you say? What now?.. Very well then I was going there anyway … Lisha?

    -          Yes?

    -          …Nothing. See you later.

    -          Sure

Fury just as he appeared disappeared in the mist and in the snow. Quite poetic

    -          That went well

    -          Oh sure, Well… Always so cold?

    -          Not that the first impression I had of YOU was better, you know…

    -          Ohh the little pup has sharp teeth. Pup 2, oldie 0.

    -          Oh please stop it – smiled Lisha

    -          What now, little boss?

    -          Now, you have to meet  the rest of the pack

    -          Ohh. Great.

    -          Then food all way ^^

    -          GREAT


You may NOT copy, sell, heavily reference, trace, steal, put this artwork on your website/blog/dAaccount or use it in any other way without my written permission!


Art and Sialuk©*Sharaiza
Madison, lisha, fury©their owners
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mimmiley Dec 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
haha, that's so awsome :D
That's exactly how she would be acting♥
I am so sorry for commenting so late, I am busy again XD¨
I'll make my reply as soon as I can, I am so sorry again for making you wait like that :C
Great l'll reply on Thursday:)
Sharaiza Nov 28, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Can't wait! :D
May do one tomorrow
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