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June 19, 2012
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We need to talk... by Sharaiza We need to talk... by Sharaiza
INFO- If you don't know wath zaonis are look at these: [link] [link] and [link] or check out my gallery folder called ZAON PACK. :)

This happen right after this -> [link]

We meet the pack!! Actually just few members but better than nothing ><

In Zaonia is still Spring...xD my bad.


Wazi had really surprised her that time, she really did not expect such a manifestation so explicit on his part. She felt so strange inside, she had mixed feelings like happiness but also fear of something she had never tried. Could it be that her cub had left them alone on purpose? She smiled while walking after Wazi toward the place where her pack mates were waiting for her, Tarek should have been already there at that point but unexpectedly she saw him coming toward them quickly.
- Mum! Freesia wants to speak with you! He shouted.

Wazi was blocked by some sentinels who wanted to speak with him so she headed toward the group of wolves who stood with the pups near the den.
As she hurried toward freesia, her stomach twitched. There was something wrong.
A faint smell of blood invaded her nose making her worry, she tried to convince herself it was nothing but Freesia’s stare could not be mistaken.
The greyish she-wolf was standing protectively over the pups, luckily they seemed not to care or not to understand the gravity of the situation.
Koda was lying under his mother watching Najak e Talisa arguing.
Next to Talisa was lying Aina, the so called "gentle soul" among the pack and even one of her closest friend together with Freesia. She too had a sad and painful look. Behind them there were two other wolves. The good-looking grey male Kijivu and Zama, the red-eyed female.
“Something must have happened during the hunt” She thought, since both Kijivu and Zama were hunters…. “Now that I think about it, neither Freesia is supposed to be here…”
There was an exchange of glances.
She kept heading toward Freesia.
Getting closer by every second.
Just few steps now.
She stopped right in front of her friend.

A growl of rage rose powerful from the woods.
The red shadow was shattered and angry. Lasha trembled.
She didn’t want to know.

- “We need to talk… Just the two of us”

It was just a whisper, no. Not only a whisper, it was THE whisper.
The whisper that she would have never wanted to hear.


Characters featured:

:bulletgreen: Lasha
:bulletgreen: Wazi
:bulletgreen: Tarek
Freesia, Aina, Kijivu, Zama and the others still do not have their ref-sheet

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Time - I really don't know the BG took a lot of time
media - tablet, photoshop 8

You may NOT copy, sell, heavily reference, trace, steal, put this artwork on your website/blog/dAaccount or use it in any other way without my written permission!



I love feedbacks and even if I don't reply to all the ones I get I read them all.

Every comment and fav is appreciated :heart:

If there are some mistakes please tell me
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And Zama is the one near the den, her red eyes should be visible...
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